Max at 5 Months

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Max At 5 Months

This past month has been an exciting but busy one. We drove to Chicago for Ashley and Zach’s wedding and then to Maryland for a family reunion. Max didn’t love being in the car for long periods of time but once we were at each destination he was great. Spending time with family has always been a priority, so Aaron and I are thankful that Max has gotten to meet generations of family members, including great grandparents on both sides. One of the hardest parts of having a baby (so far) is the sleep deprivation. While that isn’t news, I’ve found that experiencing those difficult nights with Aaron has brought us closer in a way that I imagine hazing bonds fraternity brothers. That’s why when Max slept through the night for the first time a few weeks ago we reacted like we had been digging for years and finally struck gold. It was an excitement that felt personal to us. Of course, the following night Max woke up 3 times. But even at 3 am it’s impossible not to adore him when all it takes is a silly face to get the biggest grin from him.

We have started giving Max solid foods. Like a lot of things, I knew that it would take some time before he loved it, but I still felt blindsided when he immediately scrunched his face and spit out the green beans. The only thing he has learned from the experience is how to tightly lock his lips while craning his head away so nothing can enter. Even though he doesn’t love green beans, carrots or butternut squash right now, I’m confident(ish) that it’s only a matter of time before he can’t get enough.

Overall we have really been enjoying Max. When we look at pictures of him from a few months ago it amazes me how quickly he has changed. Last month we were jumping up and down about him holding his head up and now just a few days ago he started sitting up on his own! A lot of times parents are frustrated by the unpredictability of babies but I think that that same unpredictability accounts for some of the best moments.

Max stats

  • Weight: 18.2 lbs
  • Height: 27”
  • Head circumference: 18”

Memorable moments:

  • We thought Max hated green beans until he tried carrots. But we figured out if you give him carrots then immediately put a mirror in front of his face he will forget how upset he is and smile at himself. Our baby is so vain.
  • Max loves his jumperoo but he doesn’t know when to stop. A few times we have seen him cross his arms and lay his head down between energetic jumps. Then as soon as we take him out, he will be asleep before his head reaches the mattress.
  • Max has started consolidating his poops, but that means we know a big one is coming if he hasn’t pooped in 2 days. I love that he can let out the biggest poop without producing the slightest change in his facial expression.

Things we think Max likes:

  • Jumperoo - Even more when we jump with him.
  • Holding our hands so he can stand up.
  • Being tickled
  • Looking at his reflection
  • The crinkly butterfly toy on his jumperoo.

Things we are pretty sure Max doesn’t like:

  • Tummy time - Now that makes has gotten a taste for standing up, he hates to be put on his stomach.
  • Solid foods