Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Fathers Day1

When Aaron and I first found out I was pregnant we were overcome with disbelief, followed by a deep sense of anxiety. Aaron isn’t an anxious person but the idea of raising a child was unchartered territory and we wanted to feel prepared. So over the next few months we did what first time parents do: researched baby products, took prenatal classes and read books on what to expect. While helpful, none of these things can really prepare you for bringing home your first child and learning first-hand how to become a parent. Max is 5 months old now and Aaron is already the best Dad. Everyone always talks about the bond between mothers and their children, but the bond between father and son is just as special. Seeing Aaron hold Max for the first time was surreal but now feels like the most natural thing in the world. And every time I see them together I’m overwhelmed with affection. I’m just so proud of the Dad he is to our little  boy.

To my husband, on his first Father’s Day, Max is the luckiest little boy to have such a great Dad.

To my Dad, who always makes me feel loved, answers my calls with genuine excitement and is always there for me, I love you.

Happy Fathers Day2

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers (and father figures) out there.