The Random Things I Love About My Husband

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Valentine's Day 2016 - Aaron and Me: The Random things I Love

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the random things that I love about my husband, Aaron.

ONE. He gets deeply interested in almost any topic

When Aaron and I first moved into our house we quickly discovered that there is a lot to know about lawn care. Rather than just google some of the basics, Aaron bought a lawn care reference guide and read the ENTIRE thing! For weeks he talked about the different types of grass and weeds, soil moisture and the variety of bugs that live in your grass.

Did you know there are ~40 million insects in a typical acre of grass!

He set up tuna cans around our yard to make sure the sprinklers were reaching every area. He also printed out a diagram of mowing patterns because according to the book:

“70 percent of the things that can go wrong with lawns are caused by mowing the wrong way.”

So even though I’ve learned a lot of information that I never really wanted to know, it’s so fun being with someone who gets so passionate about new topics!

TWO. Aaron takes a speed dating approach to watching horror movies

Aaron hates horror movies and reaffirms this fact whenever one comes up in conversation. And yet, despite this aversion, he will frequently peruse the Netflix horror section and fast forward through an entire movie in 2 minutes because “he just wants to see what happens.” It’s such a random thing to do and always cracks me up.

THREE. He learned to fold shirts from a Japanese YouTube video

The first time I got a glimpse of Aaron’s t-shirt drawer I was stunned. It was the neatest drawer of clothes I had ever seen (by far!). When asked, he admitted that after reading this 2007 lifehacker article, he followed this YouTube video:

It’s actually in Japanese. He swears by the method and, I have to admit, it is a pretty fantastic way to fold!

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s weekend!