Adorable Swimwear for Little Dudes

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22 Adorable Swim Options for Little Dudes

Anyone who has walked through a baby section knows there is no shortage of adorable baby girl clothes. While the options for boys is better than it used to be (or so I’m told!), it can sometimes be a struggle to find cute items for boys. I favor the one-piece rash guard swimsuits because they offer more coverage and are easier to change. Max is in a phase where he likes to pull his shirt up so a one piece minimizes his belly being exposed to sun. Since swim season is rapidly approaching, I’ve rounded up some adorable swim suits for boys.

  1. Gap Stripe Rash Guard One-Piece - $24.95

  2. Janie and Jack Sailboat Swim Trunk - $32

  3. Mini Boden One-piece Rash Guard Swimsuit - $42.50

  4. Tea Collection ‘Mare Blu’ One-Piece Rash Guard Swimsuit - $42

  5. Tucker + Tate Two-Piece Rash Guard - $32

  6. Carters Striped Rash Guard - $21

  7. Tucker + Tate Fish Print Swim Trunks - $24

  8. Ralph Lauren Graphic Swim Trunks - $34.65

  9. Printed Rash Guard Bodysuit for Baby - $13.99

  10. Joe Fresh Rash Guard - $16

  11. Hatley Retro Stripes Baby Rash Guard - $42

22 Adorable Swim Options for Little Dudes

  1. Hanna Andersson Baby Swimmy Rash Guard - $28

  2. H&M Swimsuit - $17.99

  3. Zara Embroidered Bermuda Swim Shorts - $15.90

  4. H&M - $17.99

  5. Circo Stripe Swim Trunk - $8.99

  6. Hatley Wild Dinos Rash Guard - $30.87

  7. Zara Striped Swim Boxers - $14.90

  8. Hanna Anderson Baby Swimmy Rash Guard Suit - $28

  9. Old Navy 2-Piece Rash Guard Swim Set for Baby $24.94

  10. Joe Fresh Rash Guard Swim Suit - $16

  11. Mini Boden Shark Swim Trunks

22 Adorable Swim Options for Little Dudes

Last year Max was indifferent towards the pool, but he’s changed a lot since then and I can’t wait to see if he loves it this year.

Does your little one like the pool/beach?