Stitch Fix May 2016 Review #9

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Stitch Fix March 2016 Review

In an effort to become a smarter shopper, I did a major closet purge to get rid of items I no longer wore or was hanging on to for purely sentimental reasons (ahem those cut off shorts from college that were still stashed in my closet!). It helped to edit down and organize what I had so I could be more conscious about what I already owned vs what I needed. It made me realize I owned upwards of 20 white t-shirts in varying degrees of dinginess, many of which I ended up tossing. But more than anything it allowed me to identify what was actively missing. What I found was that the bulk of my wardrobe skews towards the casual side with only a handful of nicer “interview” type items. What I am missing are the business casual items that you might need to occassionally elevate your professional look. For instance I have great black pants and pencil skirts, but lack the appropriate silk blouse or structured button down to wear with them. On the opposite spectrum I also desperately need shorts so I have something to wear on weekends once the summer heat kicks in. By knowing the holes in my closet, I had a better sense of what to ask my Stitch Fix stylist for and ended up getting a more productive fix.

Last month Stitch Fix announced the launch of shoes. I updated my style profile and requested my first pair! Here are the contents of my 9th Stitch Fix box:

  1. MARKET & SPRUCE Jenson Embroidery Detail Top, S ($48) - I’ve been making an effort to add color into my wardrobe and I love this bright teal top. It’s cheerful in a way that has me longing for sunnier spring days. The embroidered detail around the neckline is intricate and feminine and makes this piece a little more special. The silhouette is loose which will be ideal for those scorching summer days. While I typically prefer monochromatic outfits, this top is a nice change to the routine.

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - MARKET & SPRUCE Jenson Embroidery Detail Top via @stitchesandpress

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - MARKET & SPRUCE Jenson Embroidery Detail Top via @stitchesandpress

  2. STREET LEVEL Anchorage Diamond Printed Tote ($64) - My go to bag is a large tote. This one has an abundance of room with two large zipper compartments in addition to the main pouch. While I love the overall color palette, the downside is the heaviness of the fabric, which makes it feel too bulky for a summer bag.

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - STREET LEVEL Anchorage Diamond Printed Tote via @stitchesandpress

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - STREET LEVEL Anchorage Diamond Printed Tote via @stitchesandpress

  3. BELLA DAHL Maralyn Chambray Romper, S ($148) - I love the overall vibe of this romper. It’s effortless in a way that can easily go from a picnic to the bar with just a change in shoes. The wide elastic band waist band offers a slimming separation between the top and bottom. I also love how the tailored shape of the chambray top keeps it from looking sloppy. Unfortunately, the length was uncomfortably short, so this I sent this item back.

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - BELLA DAHL Maralyn Chambray Romper via @stitchesandpress

  4. NINE WEST Onlee Pointed Toe Flats ($69) - A classic pointy-toed shoe is a staple in any girl’s closet. I own multiple pointy-toed high heels, but these are a casual alternative that can offer a fun take on almost any outfit. As far as flats go, they’re remarkably comfortable and already feel like they mold to my foot better than many others I own. The bright pink hue complements my skin tone well, which is what makes them perfect for the summer.

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - NINE WEST Onlee Pointed Toe Flats via @stitchesandpress

  5. DEAR JOHN Finnegan Roll Cuffed Short, 26 ($64) - My recent closet purge highlighted my need for shorts. With the summer heat creeping in, I asked my stylist to send me a few options. I was excited to see her selections because finding the perfect pair of shorts, or just a pair you feel comfortable in, is a lot harder than you’d think (at least for me it is!). They need to be tight enough to flatter without verging on trashy. Also consider length because a pair can be on the short side, but as soon as you sit down they’ve hiked up to feel like hot pants. These particular shorts fit a lot of the criteria I was looking for and were close to being keepers, but I didn’t care for the red stripes. Somehow that added detail felt like a throw back to the 90s and not in a good way. Given the awesome fit, I’ll probably ask my stylist for the same style in a different color.

    Stitch Fix May 2016 Review - DEAR JOHN Finnegan Roll Cuffed Short via @stitchesandpress

If you aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s an online personal styling service and the easiest way to add charming new pieces to your wardrobe from the comfort of your home! For a more detailed description on how to sign up check out my previous Stitch Fix post.

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