Pregnancy - 34 Week Update

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34 Week Pregnancy Update

When I found out I was pregnant back in Spring, the idea of a November due date felt years away. I was okay with that because it meant I had loads of time to prepare and get used to the idea that our lives would be changing drastically. But now that it’s the middle of September and I’m 6 weeks from my due date, things feel like they’ve moved at lightening speed.

One of the best parts of having this site is that it’s basically a digital journal of my major life events from the last few years. Throughout this pregnancy I have found myself going back and reading posts from when I was pregnant with Max. If you clicked on that link you can see that I wrote 11 pregnancy updates with Max, and this is only my third (and probably final) for baby number 2! #secondchildproblems

Lately I’ve been having some anxious feelings about the arrival of our baby girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely thrilled to meet her and have her in our lives but I love the balance we’ve struck in our little family of three. For the last year or so Aaron and I have settled into a very comfortable balance with Max. We finally figured out a schedule that allows us to spend time as a family while at the same time carve out personal time for us to pursue our own hobbies/interests. The latter was the most challenging to figure out, but is also the thing that has made the biggest difference for us. Admittedly, I’m nervous about how a new baby is going to shake things up but also confident it’ll all eventually work out.

I’m happy to announce that we have set up Max’s new big boy room and have moved him in. We didn’t make our end of August deadline, but we were only two weeks behind (which I count as a win!). I managed to get the bulk of his room set up during my kid-free and husband-free week at home. I’m also thrilled to report that so far (fingers crossed) the transition has been smoother than expected!

34 Week Updates

34 Week Pregnancy Update

my size:

+34 pounds - I’m only a few pounds heavier than I was when I was 34 weeks pregnant with Max, but I feel a lot larger. Most days I’m living in these maternity t-shirts (which are great and SO comfortable) and elastic waisted pants ( these and these).

my mood is:

Really good these days. I’m trying to soak up family time with Max and Aaron because I know it won’t be like this much longer. On our recent trip to Chicago, Aaron’s mom gifted us about a year’s worst of adorable baby clothes! It’s been such a thrill to hang it up in her closet and browse through it every night.

my fitness level is:

Meh. Now that the weather is getting nicer I’ve been going on 1-2 mile runs (okay, I only ran 2 miles once in the last 2 months, but technically that is still accurate). I’m taking it easy because I can already feel the occasional twinge in my right hip, which is something I dealt with at the end of my pregnancy with Max. I’m okay with taking it easy because these days I’m seriously winded after climbing one flight of stairs. And after a morning of running around with Max, I crash for a nap faster than he does.

a few pros:

I’m thrilled to say that my sleep has still been fantastic and very restful thanks to the pregnancy pillow that Aaron’s sister got me during my first pregnancy. Honestly I never really put the pillow away. In fact anyone who isn’t pregnant, but just wants to elevate their sleep comfort, I highly recommend trying this pillow.

a few cons:

Similar to my first pregnancy, heartburn has kicked in and my face is still breaking out in a very unattractive way. Also, I’m pretty sure my snoring has gotten worse, since I caught Aaron buying these:

34 Week Pregnancy Update

In his defense, he tried really hard to hide his purchase from me so I wouldn’t feel bad, but I have an overwhelming urge to see what’s inside a shopping bag.

looking forward to:

Cooler weather!

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