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Pampers Pure Collection

I partnered with Pampers to review their new Pampers Pure Collection. All opinions are my own.

When Max was a baby, we never left the house without a fully stocked diaper bag. How were we supposed to know what we’d need, or not need, so we would just lug it all around. Luckily with our second child we have relaxed a little and pretty much perfected the ability to grab-and-go. Here’s a glimpse of what we take for Zoe anytime we leave the house (unless we forget, which has happened).


If you have met Zoe, then you know we never leave the house without her pacifier. Chances are we have back-ups for our back-ups.

Pampers Pure Diapers

As a parent, you know not all diapers are created equally. Nothing is worse than having a leaky diaper situation when you are out and about. Luckily Max (age 3) easily understands that plans can change and adapts seamlessly (ha!). That’s why having diapers that we love and trust is so important. Pampers recently launched their Pampers Pure Collection, a line of ecologically friendly diapers and wipes with the same high-quality and leak protection of the trusted Pampers brand. Premium cotton and zero fragrances, no parabens, no natural rubber latex and no chlorine bleaching. Plus, seeing Zoe in a cute bunny printed diaper gets me every time.

Pampers Pure Collection

Aqua Pure Wipes

One of the benefits about having kids is the constant supply of wipes that we always have at an arms length. They come in handy when your 3 year old goes into a public restroom for the first time and decides to touch everything (maybe there is no amount of wipes for that mess!). Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are the highest water content wipe that still offers amazing skin protection. I love a product that keeps my little one’s bottom happy and face clean.

Pampers Pure Collection

Changing pads

Having a child means being able to create a make shift changing station wherever you are. These on the go changing pads make parenting life just a little bit easier.

Diaper baggies

These are one of those great baby items that you didn’t know you needed until you saw the mom next to you using them. They are a great, odor-free way to store dirty diapers until you find a garbage can. If you have ever carried a dirty diaper around in your purse (I have!), you’ll love these!