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No matter your political affiliation, separating families is inhumane and unacceptable. There is no law that requires families to be torn apart, it’s a Trump Administration policy. If you are looking for ways to help, here is an easy and non-intimidating way to call your representatives.

Call your Representatives

Calling has a greater impact than emailing or posting on social media. But calling can be intimidating, it was for me, until I discovered the 5 calls app. It is so easy to use that I had to share. This issue is so important and every little bit counts. Here’s how the app streamlines the process:

Select your issue and read a brief summary

Relevant Rep/Senators are listed at the bottom of the summary page

Click on one of the representatives for the phone number as well as a script if you need a starting point. Here’s what will happen: you call, a staffer answers, you read your script, the staffer asks for your name and address/zip (to verify you are a constituent), staffer assures you they will pass along your message, you thank them for their time. Done!

There are so many different ways to help, please feel free to share.

(Photo by John Moore.)