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8 month baby update

Zoe is crawling and we are shocked! She looks like a beached whale flailing her legs aimlessly in the air. It’s unclear where her forward momentum comes from, but she somehow manages to drag herself from one spot to another. This also means she has started reaching for Max’s toys, which he does not care for.

Zoe knows what she doesn’t like and expresses it without hesitation. And she does not like Roomba. Max learned to crawl so he could catch roomba (see Max’s second word!), Zoe learned to get away.


Zoe doesn’t cry for us when she wakes up, instead she lays in her crib babbling to herself until we either come get her or she falls back asleep. It is the cutest thing to hear. Now that she can roll, she moves all around her crib. Most nights we swaddle her arms down, but we’ve also been trying other sleep sack options:

  • Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit - Zoe did pretty well in this one. She woke up once during the night and spent about 20 minutes trying to roll over. Once she gave up, she fell back asleep for the rest of the night. Initially we were worried the sleepsuit would be too hot for summer but the material is surprisingly breathable and Zoe seemed very comfortable.

  • Love to Dream Swaddle Up - I thought this would be the clear winner because it gives her arms freedom while still being enclosed. She slept for a few hours in this get up, but ultimately was not able to put herself back to sleep once she woke up. We tried a couple of times, each time with the same outcome. So if anyone wants this, let me know.

  • Halo Swaddle Sleepsack - This is our go to sleepsack. Zoe starts the night with her arms out. Once she wakes up, we swaddle her arms down and she immediately drifts back to sleep. We keep the swaddle kind of loose so she can still pull her arms out.


We have been slowly introducing new foods to Zoe. Among those are peanut butter (not allergic!), avocado, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, pears and prunes. I think her favorite part about solids is getting to sit in a high chair next to Max. Of course we usually have to move Max’s chair away from her because she loves grabbing his hair and trying to pull herself up. We’ve also started giving her puffs so she can feed herself. What we discovered is Zoe has very poor spatial awareness. It’s hilarious to watch her swat around the puff, eventually getting it because it sticks to her drool soaked hand, dropping it then starting the process again.

8 month baby update feeding


Zoe spends most of her waking hours jumping. She’ll use anything to push off of - basically whatever her feet come in contact with. Unfortunately, she’s mainly interested in having someone hold her up as she jumps, so it’s not like she happily jumps in her jumperoo. At this point, our arms should be nice and toned, but somehow that hasn’t happened yet.

Zoe loves the pool and we love that it totally wears her out. Thirty minutes after we get there she looks like she pulled an all nighter and can barely keep her eyes open. But for those thirty minutes, she jumps, splashes and even let’s us dunk her under.

8 month baby update


  • First two teeth (bottom two)
  • Started crawling (1 day before she turned 8 months)

Zoe 8 month stats

(Max’s 8 month post here.)

  • Weight: 16.4 lbs (27%)
  • Height: 27″ (48%)
  • Head circumference: 17.5″ (79%)

Zoe’s Favorite Things

  • Indestructible books - These are a family favorite and truly indestructible! Aaron and I spent a good 30 minutes trying to rip the book apart until we realized how ridiculous our efforts were. These books are not only impossible (we have yet to intentionally destroy them) to rip, but they can be washed in the washing machine! That is a winning combo for a baby who likes to chew everything then rub it on the ground and chew it again.
  • LLama Llama Red Pajama - This is the only book that Zoe consistently listens to.
  • Pacifier - I’m not sure if this is Zoe’s favorite thing or our favorite thing, but either way we never leave home without it!

Overall this is one of the best ages and we are enjoying her so much!