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Things my 3 year old says

Max surprises me everyday with the things he says. Some days I wish he would stay this age forever.

(While in the car) Zoe you don’t have to hold on, mommy’s not turning.

Where did Zoe come from? Oh yea, we got her from the hospital. Should we get another baby sister from the hospital for Zoe?

Max: Guys, I don’t know what you are talking about.
Me: We are talking about the news.
Max: Oh, boys don’t like the news.

I don’t want to go to bed. I feel like bedtime is over.

Me: Do you want Chipotle for dinner?
Max: Are you kidding me.

(After jumping in a puddle) Mommy, I’m a mess. How did I get this way?

Me: We need to change your jammies because you have biscuit all over you.
Max: Don’t worry, when I stand up it will come off. \

I’m going to my room, but I’m not very happy with you.

(To a new friend) Hi, I’m Max. And this is Bernice. (As he gestures his arm towards me).

Me: Mommy hurt me today.
Aaron: I’m sure she didn’t.
Max: She hurt me here (under his arms) when she picked me up. Talk to her.

Guys, I don’t have a phone. You need to get me one.

Tomorrow I want to wake up to purple lights. Zoe likes that.

Stop talking about the president, I don’t know him.

(In the garage) I thought you went over the yellow bump. I was right.

Zoe is turning into a little monster.

(After zooming in on a picture of himself) Why does Max’s chin look like that? Is that what chins look like?

(At bedtime) Tomorrow I will get mommy first because she is my favorite grown-up.

You need to get me a lunch box. And if you don’t let me carry it, I will be so angry.

(After Aaron gave me a pat on my bottom) Daddy, get that bug!

Max: Mommy I found your AirPods.
Me: Did you find them because you came out of your room and got them off my desk where I keep them?
Max: Yes. That’s how I found them.

This car is too boring.

Max: I found your hair.
Me: How do you know it’s not Daddy’s hair?
Max: Because Daddy’s hair grows up.

Daddy and I will go ride bikes and you can watch a show for a little bit.

(At the traffic light) We have been here long enough, so you can just go now.

(Max’s first homework assignment) Mommy I know you can do it yourself. I’m going to play trucks. Or you can play trucks with me. It’s up to you.

(Yelling at our Amazon Echo) Alexa, turn on the lights! Alexa, TOO BRIGHT!

Do you like robots? I like robots. But not the mean robots.

I’m going to Pops and Bebe’s house. They are waiting for me. I will be back in 1 year. Maybe 5 years.

Mommy, I love you so much.

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