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Baby update 11 months

Zoe moved to the Young Tot room. She doesn’t like change so the transition has been tough—cries at drop off and barely naps. Which means she is completely exhausted by the time we pick her up and goes to bed almost immediately. On the plus side, she has turned back into a fantastic night time sleeper. We feel bad for her teachers and friends because Zoe doesn’t hide her cranky well.

For the past few months Zoe has become increasingly attached to me. If I stand up, she locks eyes on me and let’s out a blood curdling scream as soon as I’m out of sight. It is sweet to have someone love you so much, but at the same time a girl needs to go to the bathroom and she doesn’t want to leave the door open.


We are beyond glad that Zoe is sleeping through the night again. This picture was taken after her first day in the new class. It’s not a flattering picture, but it represents how tired she was that day. She never falls asleep in our arms.

Baby update 11 months

Zoe finally learned to put her pacifier in her mouth, which has probably helped her sleep at night! Now we make sure she is surrounded by pacifiers when she goes to bed. Somehow she manages to throw almost all of them out by the morning, yet she doesn’t throw them out the side that is easy to get, she throws them toward the wall. So now part of my morning routine is to pull her crib out and collect all her pacifiers.

On the weekends, Zoe takes a morning nap for about 1-2 h then has a second nap during Max’s nap time so we get two hours of kid free time! It doesn’t always work out that beautifully, but when it does it feels wonderful.


Zoe eats table food now, most of which she doesn’t care for. We have been loving this OXO bowl which actually sticks to counters and floors (because sometimes we feed her on the floor). We’ve tried a lot of suction plate ware, none of which work as well as this. We also started putting puffs in one of those “feed yourself” snack cups, and it is hilarious to watch Zoe figure it out. Most times she stares at it for a while then gives up. She carries the cup around, occasionally stopping to shake it in the air. When that happens a puff inevitably falls out, she eventually sees it and almost always eats it. The poor girl is going to stay ultra thin if she always waits for food to fall out of the sky.


Zoe is shaping up to be pretty lazy. When I pick her up from school she bounces up and down in excitement, but never crawls toward me. Max used to plow over whoever and whatever was in front of him to get to us. Not Zoe. Even if I kneel down a few feet in front of her, she still sits there and waits until I come to her. And if I don’t come fast enough she yells.

At this age, Max loved the Y-bike. It was the first thing he would crawl to whenever he was home and would use it to cruise around the house. Zoe has zero interest in it. Even when we stand her up and place her hands on the bike, she immediately lowers herself back to the floor. For now she is content being carried from place to place so we doubt she will be walking before her 1st birthday.

Zoe is a chatter box. She wakes up talking to herself every morning. Sometimes we just watch her on the dropcam and let her do her thing until she calls for us. She communicates in such an expressive way, but boy does she have a temper. When she gets mad, she babbles in a loud aggressive way that we can only assume is Zoe’s version of baby cursing.


  • Two more top teeth (6 total)
  • Holds her arms up when you ask”how big is Zoe?”
  • Cruises around furniture

Zoe 11 month stats

(Max at 11 months here.)

  • Weight: 19 lbs (46%)
  • Height: 29″ (64%)
  • Head circumference: 18.25″ (91%)

One of my favorite things is how proud Max is of his baby sister. He always introduces her when she is around, even to people who we see all the time and who know Zoe very well. He is also very protective of her. Even if he isn’t always gentle, if he thinks someone else is being too rough he immediately tells them to “be careful, she’s a baby”. I hope Max always looks out for Zoe the way he does when he is 3.