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Memphis, TN

We are moving to Memphis! We’ve been sitting on this news for a while, partly because neither of us were ready to acknowledge the overwhelming task of packing up our lives, and partly because … wellMemphis? Just kidding, but seriously send your positive Memphis thoughts, because our current impression of the city comes from a series of 90s movies:

The Rainmaker

The Firm

The Client

By the way, we love all those movies, but we can agree that they don’t exactly portray Memphis at its best.

Why are we moving?

Aaron accepted a position as Director of Bioinformatics at the transplant institute at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (side note: this is where Steve Jobs received his liver transplant). As for me, I work remotely and feel lucky that PPD doesn’t mind my moving zip codes.

How is Max taking the move?

Right now, Max equates moving with getting to bring a lunch box to his new school and is pretty pumped.


The move is happening sometime between now and April. We currently have a to-do list that goes on for days and includes, finding movers, packing, enrolling in daycare, finding a place to live, etc. I remind myself once a day that people move all the time and we can do this. I usually follow that thought with a little whiskey.

World’s largest Bass Pro Shop in Memphis, TN

We are so sad to leave the Richmond/Midlothian area, but are excited about this new adventure. You know what they say, Memphis is the Paris of the … oh wait, that’s not the Louvre, that’s the world’s largest Bass Pro Shop. Not a joke.

Wish us luck!

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