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It was only 3 years ago when we were cheering and clapping for Max’s first words. Now we are at that stage with Zoe and we are flooded with memories of how special this age is. For all the temper tantrums and screaming spills (thanks Zoe), this age is filled with such awe and wonderment. The smallest things make Zoe gasp in excitement, the lights changing colors, her favorite song coming on, Max picking her up at school, etc. For now, we are doing our best to soak it all in because once Zoe starts talking she is going to be one little blabber mouth. : )

Zoe’s first 10 words:

  1. Mama (although that is also the sound she makes when she is hungry, mad or tired) - ~11 months
  2. Hi
  3. Uh oh
  4. Go
  5. Up
  6. Bye
  7. Dada
  8. Roar (when prompted with “What does a lion say?”)
  9. Ball (Max’s first word)
  10. All done

(Photo by Jason Collins)