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After finally dealing with our leaking roof, broken AC unit, and maggots in our trash can (yes, so gross!), we finally had time to tackle some fun home updates. For Aaron, this meant swapping out outlets/light switches for smarter alternatives. For me, this meant tackling our pickle green dining room. Unfortunately, I was so eager to start painting that I forgot to take before pictures. A few hours into the project I snapped a few pics, but it doesn’t quite capture the room as it was.

I love how this room turned out and what a big difference a little paint can make!


  • Curtains: Ikea Lenda $25 - swapping out the dark green floral curtains for white ones, immediately made the room feel less drab.
  • Dark paint (top): free (I had a coupon from a local paint store for a free gallon of paint.)
  • Primer: $28 (I only primed the lower half of the room, but it took 3 coats to cover that green paint)
  • Light paint (bottom): The previous owners were great and left us detailed info for all the paint colors. I used the extra trim paint they left to paint the lower half of the wall.
  • Paint accessoriess: $20 (brushes, paint paper, tape)

Total cost: $73.

I’m obsessed with this dark moody paint color.

By the way, if you are still thinking about the maggots in our trash can, don’t worry. We discovered the most brilliant trash can cleaning service. They come once a month on your trash pick up day (so you don’t even have to think about it) and thoroughly wash out your bins. Our bins were so bad the guy took a picture of it (probably not something to brag about)! The best part is, the service is only $10 a month!

Hopefully I’ll be posting our next home update soon!