Monthly posts

Zoe at 3

5 minute read

Our Zo-bug is 3, and boy is she! She’s opinionated, vocal, silly, adorable, strong willed, sassy, and terrible, all bundled into one tiny, bow-resistant package. Sleeping Let’s see, she still sleeps in a crib, even though we know she can climb out 😬. As long as she doesn’t climb out...

Max at 5

4 minute read

At 5 Max is independent, smart, sensitive, funny, cautious, and a joy to be around (most days).

Zoe at 2 years

2 minute read

At 2, Zoe is full of personality, silly, and equipped with more than a little sass. To set the record straight, she is no longer the little monster I wrote about in her previous posts. In fact, she borders on absolutely adorable at times and now we are only moderately...

Zoe at 18 months

3 minute read

So much has happened since Zoe’s 12 month post - she’s walking, climbing and flew on her first flight. She loves peek-a-boo. Her favorite time to play is when her hands are covered in food/paint/sand/dirt. She fully commits to the game, covering her face and ensuring a bath. I love...

Max at 4

3 minute read

There are days when I still feel like a new mom while other days interacting with Max is like talking with a friend (a friend who asks a lot of questions, always wants a snack and occasionally screams for no reason). Max is an exceptional kid, but don’t get me...

Zoe at 12 months

3 minute read

This post was surprisingly hard to write because I’m not ready for our baby girl to be 1 year old. The emotions hit harder than expected. Zoe is our last baby and while we spend so much time celebrating firsts, it’s much sadder to celebrate lasts. I know I’m being...

Zoe at 11 months

3 minute read

Zoe moved to the Young Tot room. She doesn’t like change so the transition has been tough—cries at drop off and barely naps. Which means she is completely exhausted by the time we pick her up and goes to bed almost immediately. On the plus side, she has turned back...

Zoe at 10 months

2 minute read

No one makes Zoe smile and giggle the way Max does, and with Zoe that’s not an easy thing to do. It warms my heart every time he tells me how much he loves his baby sister. Obviously every day isn’t that ideal, at least once a day Max comes...

Zoe at 9 months

3 minute read

I know how cliche this sounds, but I can’t believe how fast Zoe is growing up. She is full of personality, incredibly loud and babbles like a drunken sailor.

Zoe at 8 months

3 minute read

Zoe is crawling and we are shocked! She looks like a beached whale flailing her legs aimlessly in the air. It’s unclear where her forward momentum comes from, but she somehow manages to drag herself from one spot to another. This also means she has started reaching for Max’s toys,...

Zoe at 7 months

3 minute read

Max has stepped up his big brother game. One of the sweetest moments this month was when Max carried his favorite book and chair to Zoe’s room and sat down to read her a bedtime story. He started off by shushing the audience then read in a whisper. For pages...

Zoe at 6 months

4 minute read

Zoe is 6 months old and just shy of delightful! While she still cries, it is a whole lot less than it used to be. We even managed to take her on a road trip to New Jersey to visit Aaron’s extended family! If you noticed the major upgrade in...

Zoe at 5 Months

2 minute read

Zoe is living her best life when she is simultaneously being bounced and walked. It’s not a pretty combination of actions, but when your baby requires both motions to stop crying you do it.