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House in Progress - Little details

1 minute read

When we first moved into our house, we focused on the big purchases: lawn mower, weed trimmer, curtains/blinds, washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc. Now, as we let our debit cards cool, we have shifted to updating the little details around the house; the items that are often overlooked but are what can...

Pregnancy - 24 Week Update

1 minute read

I’m 24 weeks pregnant and just received our first baby onesie from Aaron’s sister! Over the last few weeks, as I’ve begun sharing my pregnancy news with others, I’ve learned that women love to talk to other women about being pregnant.

DIY Box Valences

2 minute read

We wanted to add a decorative touch to our morning room windows by creating fabric covered boxed valences. We chose a fabric that could subtly complement the upholstered dining room chairs without being the main focus of the room.

What a Difference 31 Years Makes

less than 1 minute read

I’m constantly amazed by the ability of technology to show us exactly what we didn’t know we wanted. Most recently, I was shocked when my parents shared a blurred, barely discernible ultrasound image they had taken when my mom was 5 months pregnant with me.

House in Progress - Morning Room

1 minute read

Since we moved into our house, we’ve made it a point to hit up as many clearance sales and sort through as many Craigslist furniture postings as we can. There is nothing more exciting than finding exactly what you’re looking for at a price that feels like a steal. And...

Pregnancy - 20 Week Update

1 minute read

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and very happy to be at the half way mark. My first trimester was rough, not in the traditional sense of morning sickness and exhaustion, but more in feeling completely unprepared for the life changing event that was only a few short months away.

Goodbye Apartment!

less than 1 minute read

As we start to pack up and prepare to move to our new house, I’ve realized there are some things I’ll miss about apartment living. Mainly, it will be sad moving away from the city and some of our favorite local businesses

5 Cool Links

less than 1 minute read

Jackie Kennedy’s 6 Essential Style Rules ( A hip twist on the classic Ray Ban ( Simple DIY Produce Totes ( DIY J. Crew jewlery ( 9 Commandments of White Pants (