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My kid-free and husband-free weekend

5 minute read

One of the biggest changes that occurs when you become a parent is losing your alone time. Of course you still have moments here and there, but it’s not the same. Recently I got an unexpected week to myself when my trip to Chicago was cut short because I didn’t...

Starting a new job at 27 weeks pregnant

5 minute read

Interviewing for a new job while pregnant isn’t what I would call an ideal scenario. Depending on how far along you are questions arise such as “will they notice my bump during my interview”, or “when do I tell my new boss?”. I don’t have the answer to any of...

Pregnancy - 27 Week Update

4 minute read

Everyone was right when they said things move faster in your second pregnancy. But that’s not the only difference, I’ve also been stressing over a completely different set of worries. The first time around, my knowledge of pregnancy was severely limited. I knew some of the details, but for the...

Tech in my Life - Apps I Love

3 minute read

A while ago I posted about my favorite apps, but like all things tech that list has quickly become outdated. Here is an updated list of apps that have made my everyday life a little easier.

16 new and wonderfully weird things you will do as a parent

1 minute read

Aaron’s sister had her baby a few weeks ago (hi Brody!), and as we’ve been cooing over how sweet he is, it has also reminded me how much Max has grown up. Looking at Brody’s tiny fingers and toes-it’s almost impossible to believe Max was that tiny once.

Modern Map Art

1 minute read

When it comes to decorating our home I favor a clean aesthetic: white walls, minimal furniture and neutral colors. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been someone who can expertly arrange a gallery wall, or seamlessly match bold patterns (e.g., Mondo, Project Runway) in a way that feels both eclectic and...

Big News!

3 minute read

If you missed this post, we have exciting news arriving later this year!

Weekend in the Life - Memorial Day

9 minute read

A while age I shared a glimpse into a day in our lives so today I thought it would be fun to do a weekend edition. Our weekends have changed a lot since Max was born. Whereas they used to be fairly low-key (i.e. Netflix marathons, DIY projects), they’re now...

Loving the Quip Toothbrush

1 minute read

Okay dentist friends or anyone in the oral hygiene profession, please weigh in. Aaron and I recently switched to the quip toothbrush and we are loving it. Honestly, the reason we made the switch has less to do with improving brushing habits and more to do with the sleek wireless...