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Rockets of Awesome: The Coolest Kids Clothes - Handpicked and Delivered

2 minute read

I love shopping for Max’s clothes, but at the rate he is growing I feel like I’m constantly trying to keep up with the seasons. That’s why Rockets of Awesome is a subscription service for kids clothing that every parent should know about. Before you stop reading because you think...

3rd Wedding Anniversary

less than 1 minute read

I can’t believe it’s been a year since Aaron and I forgot our second wedding anniversary.

Simple DIY Gift in a Box Ideas

2 minute read

Throughout the year there are countless gift giving opportunities. The problem is I’m rarely as prepared as I’d like to be so having a quick last minute gift idea on hand is key. The trick is not making it feel like a last minute idea.

#MomFails of the Week

2 minute read

Last week kicked our butts and we got a tiny glimpse of how hard single parenting is. For starters Aaron and I both got knocked down by pretty serious colds plus there was a major grant submission at work that meant working on the weekend and a few late nights....

Here’s a Quick Way to Never Lose Your Keys Again

1 minute read

Aaron and I spend more minutes than I’d like to admit looking for our keys and wallet. I’m sure you know the scenario; morning chaos, we’re halfway out the door, we turn to each other “do you know where my keys are”?

Life Lately Today

4 minute read

Nothing is better than when your friend shares a new product or show they are using/wearing and you find out you love it too. So to start the sharing I corralled a collection of shows, podcasts, apps and products I’m loving right now.

25 signs you know you live with a toddler

2 minute read

If you’ve spent any time around a toddler, I’m sure you would agree it’s a great age but not without its challenges. There are some days when Aaron and I have to try our hardest not to crack up at the things Max says, and we don’t always succeed. As...

Just like Dad

4 minute read

Any parents will agree that there are so many reasons you love your little one that listing them can be redundant. Of course we love Max in all the obvious ways, but it’s the subtle moments that warm our hearts. Today I’m talking about dads.

Year Round Gestures of Love

1 minute read

Valentine’s day always manages to sneak up on me. Maybe it’s because it falls so close to the Holiday season when I’m still detoxing from all the excitement or maybe it’s because I very generously treat myself to candy and chocolate year round.

Max’s 2nd Birthday Party

3 minute read

This past weekend we celebrated Max’s second birthday (check out his 2 year update here) with a few of his friends at Romp ‘n Roll. He jumped in a bouncy house, ate cake, danced to his favorite tunes and had the time of his life.