Half Bathroom Update

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Half Bathroom Update1

Probably the best and worst parts of decorating your home is that you’re never really finished. That’s not to say that a room can’t feel complete and polished, but I usually end up having some vision of how something could look better. That being said, Aaron and I been focused on updating our downstairs bathroom. Nothing major, just a little facelift to bring more life to the space. Since a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to dramatically change how a room looks, we started by painting a gray accent wall behind the vanity (Sherman Williams, Uncertain gray). I say this casually but choosing the paint color was undoubtedly the hardest part! Admittedly, we started this project without a clear end vision, but we were inspired by several looks we found on pinterest.

Half Bathroom Update2

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Rather than leave our wall blank, we emulated the herringbone wall (picture 4 above), creating a fun, geometric design. Armed with a level, a ruler and gold paint, we started by taping off 3 floor to ceiling vertical lines (1/4” wide). We used a sponge brush to apply 2 coats of gold paint then waited a few hours for the paint to dry. Tapping off the horizontal lines were considerably more tedious and difficult. In hindsight it probably would have been easier to create this design with washi tape or a stencil but that’s not how we did it. Instead we used a protractor to measure our 60 degree angles and crossed our fingers that the pattern came out evenly.

We still want to add floating wood shelves about the toilet, but for now I love how the new wall looks.

Half Bathroom Update3

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