3rd Wedding Anniversary

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I can’t believe it’s been a year since Aaron and I forgot our second wedding anniversary. I’ve always heard how hard having a little one can be on a marriage, and while I can understand why, it has also made Aaron and I so much closer. There is something fantastic about navigating difficult times with your partner and finding a way to come out on top. We’ve been together for close to a decade, but the past two years has marked a period of tremendous growth for both of us. I came across an old picture of Aaron and I when we were grad students and I was babysitting a 4 month old. The picture made us laugh because 1. we look so young and 2. we look terrified of the baby (FYI we basically looked like that until a week after Max was born!)! If those grad students could see us now.

This is my image caption.

Top photograph by Carly Romeo & Co