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This is one of my favorite posts to write because 3 year olds say the awesomest things. It’s the intersection of how literal, yet how imaginative they are that makes communicating with them so unpredictable and interesting.

(After school) Ms. Erin said I left my listening ears at home. She was wrong. They are right here on my head. Can you see them? Maybe she can’t see them.

Just bring me the sprinkles and walk away.

Should we play cars? Or should we just cuddle?

Me: Let’s go brush your teeth.
Max: You don’t need me for that.

Today I tried to swim to the wall and it worked.

(While I’m in the bathroom) Mommy, I can’t get in. I’m trying to get in. Do you see my fingers.

I don’t like when Zoe makes that sound. It hurts my ears.

Aaron: (When Max is suppose to be asleep) Max, why is your wall wet?
Max: I was licking it.

(On Tuesday) I’ll hug you Friday. I don’t want to waste my hugs.

Why did we buy Zoe? Maybe we should pick another one that doesn’t make that sound.

(About my sweater) That shirt would look nice on Daddy. Share it with him.

When Zoe gets eaten by a monster I will knock the monster down and get her back.

Mommy can you do me a favor. Can you bring me my green train. It’s in my toy bag. You will need to stick your head in to get it. My head is too big but I think yours will fit. Just try.

Mommy, your hair is everywhere. Stop dropping it and keep it to yourself.

Can you wear that outfit again. It makes your face look nice.

Pops and Bebe need me to clean the basement. It is a mess down there. (For the record, they have the cleanest basement I’ve ever seen.)

Mommy, you did a really good job writing your name. But that x is a little broken, let’s practice. (There is no ‘x’ in Bernice.)

Zoe: Poo
Max: (Looking for any loophole to say poop) Mommy! Mommy! Zoe said poo! But poo is not a potty word. It’s just a sound so we can say it.

Me: I’m going to show you how to make your bed.
Max: No thank you. My bed already does that by itself.

You are not my best friend.

Lady in line at the grocery store: What a handsome face.
Max: Mommy, what. Do I have hands on my face?

Why do you always say bye to Daddy when he goes to take a shower. Tell me the truth.

Max: (At Target) I need this dress because it’s so sparkly. I need it for twirling.
Me: For swirling?
Max: No, for t-w-i-r-l-i-n-g. Come on, you know this word.

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(Photo by Jason Collins.)