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Max was 2 when he asked “what’s wind?”, and I was totally caught off guard. Luckily, my carefully selected response of “it’s just wind”, was enough. Since then his curiosity has exploded, and so has my ability to secretly google.

I’m fairly educated, so naturally I thought I had until 2nd grade before my kid started stumping me with questions. Boy was I wrong. Some days Max will ask me a question, I’ll respond, then he’ll say “wrong, it’s yada yada yada”. In fairness his “wrong” is wrong a lot. I’m not saying he is genius (obviously I think he is), but I’m shocked how poor my general knowledge is!

I’m embarrassed, but here’s what prompted this post. For the record, it’s hard to google so your kid doesn’t see, luckily Google had my back and knew what I was typing.

Googling why you can't hear in space.

Years ago I shared my google history. From that, it was clear that I was a new mom who was weirdly obsessed with the height of celebrities. My most recent google history shows I’m still obsessed with celebrity heights, but also that I’m listening to Conan’s podcast (which is so good) and I need to brush up on my space knowledge. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Also, does anyone else still google like they’re asking Jeeves, or is it just me?