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Things my 4 year old says

2 minute read

These are my favorite posts to look back on, but they are also the biggest reminders at how fast he is growing up. I’m trying not to tear up at every milestone, but it can be so hard. I cried when he started in the “Tiger” class at school (Pre-K,...

The chaos of getting kids out the door in the morning

4 minute read

Anyone with little kids knows how hard it is to get them out the door in the morning. On days when you think, “I’m actually on time”, one child inevitably squeezes toothpaste all over their clothes, has stuck their hand in ketchup and smeared it on their face, or has...

Things my 3/4 year old says

2 minute read

It’s impossible to write down all the crazy things a 3/4 year old says, although it’s not always cute and endearing. The other morning, Max threw a tantrum because his toast was too cold (giant eye roll). Four year olds are what I imagine super rich people to be like....

Zoe’s first 10 words

less than 1 minute read

It was only 3 years ago when we were cheering and clapping for Max’s first words. Now we are at that stage with Zoe and we are flooded with memories of how special this age is. For all the temper tantrums and screaming spills (thanks Zoe), this age is filled...

Things my 3 year old says

2 minute read

This is one of my favorite posts to write because 3 year olds say the awesomest things. It’s the intersection of how literal, yet how imaginative they are that makes communicating with them so unpredictable and interesting. (After school) Ms. Erin said I left my listening ears at home. She...

Things my 3 year old says

2 minute read

Max surprises me everyday with the things he says. Some days I wish he would stay this age forever. (While in the car) Zoe you don’t have to hold on, mommy’s not turning. Where did Zoe come from? Oh yea, we got her from the hospital. Should we get another...

My 3 year old’s first homework assignment and what I learned about myself

2 minute read

The school year just started and Max is loving his new class. When he came home with his first homework assignment, cleverly disguised as “home learning fun”, I was excited. I envisioned us sitting at the table, surrounded by colorful art supplies, working together to complete the assignment. Nothing about...

Zoe’s Birth Story

2 minute read

Life moves so much faster with two kids so I wanted to document Zoe’s birth story before the memory gets too hazy. On Saturday October 28, 9 days before my due date, I woke up with slight cramping in my stomach. I would have ignored it except that 3 days...

10 Apologies to our second child

1 minute read

It’s hard being the second child. Not only does Zoe live with her (well-intentioned) attacker (Max), but her stuff is a little dingier, excitement is a little lower and she has been in public with a onsie that says “Daddy’’s little dude.”