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DIY Reversible Fabric Storage Bins

less than 1 minute read

I’m always looking for stylish storage options that fit a particular space and don’t cost a lot of money. So I was excited to come across this excellent tutorial for creating reversible fabric storage bins. As far as DIY projects go, this one was simple and quick, making this a...

What’s in my Hospital Bag

1 minute read

Part of me felt like I was packing for a weekend getaway rather than a trip to the hospital. But, after getting a lot of helpful tips and suggestions from friends about what is absolutely necessary and what could be left at home, this is what we ended with.

Two Thousand Fourteen

less than 1 minute read

2014 has been the most life changing year of my life. Aaron and I hit a lot of personal milestones including our wedding, buying our first home and of course, starting a new family. I’m excited about even bigger things to come and exciting new adventures in 2015.

Pregnancy - 37 Week Update

less than 1 minute read

I’m full term! Aaron got me a beautiful diaper bag for Christmas and I’m so excited to start packing it in preparation for our baby boy!

Pregnancy - 36 Week Update

1 minute read

I’m happy to report that I’m 9 months in and we are finally in the home stretch. I’m trying to stay calm and not freak out but truthfully, I could have used a glass of wine this week.

Baby Shower

less than 1 minute read

I met Melissa in grad school and we immediately became friends. We bonded over baked goods and science and have been close ever since. When she told me she wanted to throw me a baby shower, I was incredibly touched. The occasion was perfect and every little detail, from the...

Stitch Fix Review

1 minute read

I haven’t been doing a lot of shopping for myself lately, mainly because I haven’t felt very attractive and I don’t want to add clothes to my wardrobe that I might not wear again.

Pregnancy - 34 Week Update

1 minute read

I recently entered the phase during pregnancy where the occasional stranger wants to share in your pregnancy excitement by touching your belly or sharing an unprompted recollection of their 9 months experience. As a fairly private person, this has been a strange and somewhat uncomfortable transition, but I’m learning to...

Nursery in Progress: Calvin and Hobbes Mural

2 minute read

Aaron and I decided we wanted to paint a Calvin and Hobbes mural in our nursery. For Aaron, this was motivated by his (curiously) strong love for the comic strip, whereas I just thought it would look really cute. We chose an illustration from The Essential Calvin & Hobbes that...

Pregnancy - 32 Week Update

1 minute read

Now that we are fully immersed in flu season, my main concern has been to stay healthy and avoid sick people. Aaron and I got our flu vaccines a few weeks ago and I got my Tdap booster last week.