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Turning 32

less than 1 minute read

Probably the hardest part of entering my thirties was that it became the age when people started going through major and scary life changes. Whether it was divorce, aging parents, or money issues, I’ve found that encountering these issues has made me feel more grown up than ever. But a...

Ms. Anne’s Care Fund

less than 1 minute read

UPDATE: The gofundme campaign ended successfully and as of August 2016 Ms. Anne was able to return to work in the infant room at La Petite. Best of luck, Ms. Anne! We heard some sad news today. Ms. Anne, one of our favorite teacher’s at Max’s daycare, found out her...

Digital Baby Book

1 minute read

Nowadays the idea of a photo album with actual printed photos seems so archaic. It is strange to think our parents had to be selective in the pictures they took because they were limited by the number of exposures on a roll of film.

Ashley and Zach’s Chicago Wedding

1 minute read

Last month was Ashley and Zach’s wedding. Ashley is one of the most stylish people I know, and her wedding reflected that. Every detail, from the venue to the lighting, decorations and the gorgeous floral arrangements - was carefully considered, and the overall effect could not have been more beautiful.

Happy Father’s Day

1 minute read

When Aaron and I first found out I was pregnant we were overcome with disbelief, followed by a deep sense of anxiety. Aaron isn’t an anxious person but the idea of raising a child was unchartered territory and we wanted to feel prepared. So over the next few months we...

Max at 5 Months

3 minute read

This past month has been an exciting but busy one. We drove to Chicago for Ashley and Zach’s wedding and then to Maryland for a family reunion. Max didn’t love being in the car for long periods of time but once we were at each destination he was great. Spending...

Summer To-Do List

less than 1 minute read

Given the record heat we are suppose to have today in Virginia, it feels like the perfect time to post my seasonal to-do list. There have been a lot of changes this year, and even though my life feels very different than last summer, I still like the idea of...

Max’s Birth Story

4 minute read

Max is almost 5 months old and some of the details from his first few days are already starting to get hazy. I wanted to document his birth story before the memories get even more distant.

New Mom Struggle: Breastfeeding

2 minute read

My mom assumes Aaron and I have it all figured out based on Max’s blog. The three of us are doing great but that doesn’t mean there aren’t difficulties, they just don’t show up in carefully curated photos we share with the world. One thing I still have ups and downs...

DIY Fabric Wall Panels

1 minute read

When we moved into our home, one of the most exciting aspects was having a blank canvas to decorate exactly the way we wanted. But at the same time I’ve never had so many walls to fill so it has also been quite overwhelming. Here, we spruced up our entrance...