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Max at 2 Years Old

5 minute read

In the past 6 months, Max has become a little human and I can hardly believe he is 2 years old. The biggest change since our last update is his ability to communicate. He is constantly picking up new words and phrases and will copy anything we say (both good...

Stitch Fix January 2017 Review #13

2 minute read

It always amazes me how quickly the holiday season comes and goes. This one in particular because it was the first year that Max was able to participate in the excitement. Despite being sick for most of it, he had a fantastic time in Chicago opening presents, celebrating his birthday...

Our 2016 mini infographic

less than 1 minute read

Happy New Year! After seeing this mini infographic over at Habitual Homebody I was inspired to create my own.

A little bit of pocket change - my 2016 blogging summary

1 minute read

I started this blog as a way to document my various DIY projects, but it has grown into my little piece of the internet that I love. Initially when Aaron suggested I start a blog as a creative outlet, I brushed off the idea. I thought “who is going to...

Grandparents are the best

3 minute read

There are so many terms for grandparents, and they vary from region to region. In many Asian families, different names are used for paternal and maternal grandparents, which can be confusing as cousins may call their grandparents different names depending upon which side of the family they are from.

Gifts your pregnant friend will appreciate

3 minute read

A very close friend of mind recently found out she is pregnant and I could not be more thrilled. For the first time I found myself feeling nostalgic about my pregnancy (which I never thought I would be!), and actually went back and re-read all my pregnancy posts. It got...

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone!

2 minute read

I equate stockings with getting a bonus snack from the vending machine, or hitting every green light on the way to work - they are little extras that bring an added thrill. From games to test your smartphone skills to $10 virtual reality headsets, here is my list of fun...

Tech we Love - Capturing memories with Nest Cam

3 minute read

I’m sure Aaron and I aren’t the only parents who have a trouve of videos that go something like this: … (several minutes of uneventful footage) [voice chimes in] well [fill in child’s name] just did the cutest thing … but it doesn’t look like he’s going to do it...

25 Beautiful Ways to Gift Wrap

1 minute read

I’ve always loved wrapping gifts as much as I love giving them. Whether you want to show a nice gesture towards your neighbor, thank your child’s teachers or show your friends how much you appreciate them, a beautifully wrapped gift is always a thoughtful gesture. Here are a few inspiring...

Holiday Gift Guide and a $1000 Giveaway!

8 minute read

With Thanksgiving behind us, I’m officially celebrating the countdown to Christmas/Hanukkah. That means finalizing my gift list, dusting off the holiday decor and breaking out the gift wrapping station. Here is my list of gift ideas that covers everyone from the tech enthusiast to the DIYer and everyone in between!...