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Max at 12 Months

4 minute read

When Max was born we were so focused on making it through the first couple weeks, that, as silly as this sounds, we barely thought about what he would be like as a fully functional human being. But we made it, and at one year old, he is walking, babbling...

How to Get Amazon Prime for $73!

less than 1 minute read

If you LOVE Amazon Prime as much as I do then you will be glad to hear the $73 Prime discount that Amazon is offering to “New Prime Customers” only this weekend (Friday, January 15 at 9 pm through Sunday, January 17 at 11:59 pm PST) can actually be applied...

Stitch Fix Review #7

2 minute read

One of the reasons I love winter is for the opportunity to wear thicker layers. While I typically favor more simple basics, Stitch Fix has helped expand my style to include a few trendier items. With an 11 month old baby at home, I asked my stylist to send me...

2015 Favorite (Non-Baby) Buys

2 minute read

Every home requires a lot of things to make it functional. Unfortunately, not all things are winners—there’s a lot of junk out there. When I do come across a product that, not only does what it’s designed to do, but exceeds my expectations, it’s a very satisfying feeling. Here’s a...

3 Fun Ways to Gift Wrap

1 minute read

I love wrapping gifts almost as much as I love giving them. Whether you want to thank your child’s teachers, show your friends how much you appreciate them or simply want to show up to a dinner party with a hostess gift, a beautifully wrapped gift is always a thoughtful...

Max at 11 Months

3 minute read

I can’t believe this is the last monthly post before Max turns 1! The most exciting news this month is Max took his first solo steps! It happened on a night when I was working late, which broke my heart, but luckily the moment was caught on Dropcam. Max has...

DIY Ring Cones

1 minute read

Homemade gifts are always a nice touch—they’re personal and usually budget-friendly. With Christmas only 2 weeks away, I decided to follow this simple tutorial and make ring cones for a few of my girlfriends. The best part about this gift, is the endless ways to decorate and customize the design....

A Christmas Story: When young Aaron investigated Santa

1 minute read

Since Max was born I find myself getting a lot more nostalgic about memories from my childhood. And more so than ever, it’s been so much fun having my parents and Aaron’s parents recount stories of what we were like at Max’s age. With Hanukkah and Christmas right around the...

Stitch Fix Review #6

3 minute read

My 6th Stitch Fix box just arrived and it’s the best one yet! Although my style isn’t usually governed by trends, I asked my Stylist to send me a few trendier fall pieces (aka anything plaid!). And she didn’t disappoint.