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Max at 15 Months

4 minute read

There has been a big shift since Max turned one in which our baby has turned into a little boy. Three months ago he was just starting to walk and now we can barely keep up with him. But more than that, he is coming into his own person and...

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1 minute read

Most days I forget that Max won’t always be so little and cuddly. I can only hope that as he grows up he’ll always love me as much as he does now. But I was a teenager once, and depending on who you ask a bratty one at times, so...

Styles I’m Loving Now

2 minute read

There are plenty of fashion trends that I have skipped out on (i.e., culottes, joggers) and others that took me a long time to jump on (pointy-toed shoes, skinny jeans). Lately I’ve started loving high waisted jeans, floral prints and jumpsuits even though I’d sworn them off a while back....

FREE Same Day Amazon Delivery

less than 1 minute read

Amazon just got better! If you live in Richmond or one of these other 26 metro areas then you can get FREE same day delivery (on qualified orders over $35).

First Baby Free Vacation

3 minute read

Parenthood is exhausting, but I’m really proud of the way Aaron and I are raising Max. It’s fair to say that most days we are raising a pretty happy kid. That’s why when Aaron had a work related trip to San Francisco, we jumped at the chance to drop Max...

Finding Balance

3 minute read

I knew it would be difficult to juggle work and parenting. But I didn’t expect that every day would feel like a rollercoaster of new challenges and that most days I would have an overwhelming feeling that we weren’t quite doing enough for Max. I’m constantly wondering if we’re giving...

Tech in my Life - Apps I Love

3 minute read

When it comes to technology I am not an early adopter, but I’m married to one. Actually, before I met Aaron, technology was barely on my radar and my DVD player was plugged into the front of my TV. I’m pretty sure he was horrified by my TV setup when...

Stitch Fix March 2016 Review #8 and a Giveaway

4 minute read

Richmond has been hot lately, and during unseasonably warm spells, the temptation to break out my summer clothing skyrockets. Part of the reason is that towards the end of any season my wardrobe tends to feel drab and boring. That’s also why I rely on Stitch Fix to inspire my...

St Patrick’s Day Treat Bags for Toddlers

less than 1 minute read

St. Patrick’s Day is later this week, and I wanted to give out a little luck with toddler treat bags for Max’s class. It would have been more thematic to fill the bags with rainbow-colored jelly beans or gold-wrapped chocolates, but I opted for slightly healthier (and slightly less fun)...

Easy and Affordable Retro-Fit Soft Close Cabinets

1 minute read

When Aaron and I were house hunting, our real estate agent (hi Christina!) introduced us to soft close cabinets. They were a feature we had never seen before yet immediately knew we wanted. There was something elegant about closing a cabinet and having it softly shut behind you. The only...