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Toddler Summer Wardrobe Essentials

2 minute read

When selecting Max’s summer clothes I looked for pieces that could be easily mixed and matched. I was careful not to go overboard (I have that tendency!) and limited myself to buying about 5 pairs of shorts, 10-12 t-shirts, 3-4 rompers/overalls, 2-3 pairs of shoes. I probably could have gone...

10 Car Activities for Toddlers

1 minute read

We recently took an 8 hour road trip with Max. To entertain him we brought along a couple books, one toy car and an iPad. If you have traveled a lot with a toddler you are probably laughing at our serious lack of toddler entertainment. Needless to say, we spent...

Tech we Love - Rachio

1 minute read

The upside of being married to a tech geek is pretty obvious: lots and lots of gadgets. When it comes to a new product launch, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Aaron and his Dad will be on the phone gabbing about all the awesome new features and discussing their...

When picking up your baby leads to wrist surgery

3 minute read

A couple months after Max was born I noticed a slight pain in my left wrist. Simple gestures such as turning a door knob or brushing my hair started to ache. Aaron and I were entering into a tough sleeping phase with Max and were exhausted so I shrugged off...

10 Things I wish I knew when I was 20

4 minute read

The other weekend we went to Aaron’s cousin’s high school graduation and it got me thinking about the things I wish I knew when I was in my 20s. Of course I wouldn’t want to take back anything that happened in the previous decade, but it’s fun reflecting how I...

Gear Up for Summer

4 minute read

Memorial Day signifies pool season, which means the unofficial start to summer isn’t far behind. To gear up for the long days lounging pool side, here’s what we’ve been stocking up on.

A Cost Breakdown of Baby’s First Year

5 minute read

Having a child is expensive, but it’s difficult to wrap your head around that until you experience it. Aaron and I have always been thoughtful about our purchases, but one of the best decisions we made was hiring a financial advisor. It’s not that we make tons of money, but...

Stitch Fix May 2016 Review #9

4 minute read

In an effort to become a smarter shopper, I did a major closet purge to get rid of items I no longer wore or was hanging on to for purely sentimental reasons (ahem those cut off shorts from college that were still stashed in my closet!). It helped to edit...

Adorable Swimwear for Little Dudes

1 minute read

Anyone who has walked through a baby section knows there is no shortage of adorable baby girl clothes. While the options for boys is better than it used to be (or so I’m told!), it can sometimes be a struggle to find cute items for boys. I favor the one-piece...

Things We Considered When Picking a Baby Name

3 minute read

I feel like some women have their kids names picked out in middle school, but I was not one of those women. Deciding on a baby name was hard and it was probably the only baby decision that Aaron and I made ourselves. We didn’t want to bring our friends...