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25 Ways to Countdown to Christmas/Hanukkah

1 minute read

As someone who loves a good countdown, I’ve always loved the idea of advent calendars. Although I never had one growing up, I decided long ago to make it a part of our family’s holiday traditions once a little one came around. With Max turning 2 in January, this felt...

Nordstrom Giveaway!

less than 1 minute read

I didn’t need another pair of jeans. When I signed up for Trunk Club, it was to try out yet another home delivery shopping service, but among the items I received was my new favorite pair of jeans. I should have folded them up and shipped them back

Stitch Fix November 2016 Review #12

4 minute read

I scheduled my 12th Stitch Fix on a day when I was feeling kind of stressed and needed a pick me up. I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything in particular, but was just hoping to be delighted. As always Stitch Fix came through.

Tech we Love - Automatic organization with ScanSnap and Hazel

2 minute read

Aaron and I finally purchased a Fujitsu ScanSnap and we love it. It wirelessly scans receipts, documents and photos within seconds and is small enough to easily store in a drawer. Since buying it, our stack of “need to scan” documents has dwindled down to nothing and completely cleared our...

Workout Wear that is cute enough to boost your motivation

2 minute read

I assume I’m not alone in admitting that finding the motivation to start exercising is sometimes the most difficult step. Most days I play the new mom card, but I’d be kidding myself if that was my only excuse. Aside from chasing after a very active toddler, I definitely find...

A week of easy toddler meals

2 minute read

How we plan out Max’s meals depends on a mishmash of things like how busy we are at work, when we last made it to the grocery store and how lazy we’re feeling. Although no week is the same, we try our best to sneak in some greens at each...

Crazy Cute Sweatshirts for Boys

2 minute read

I don’t know if it’s the change in weather or the sudden realization that Max doesn’t have any fall clothes, but I’ve been on a sweatshirt buying frenzy. Luckily there are so many cute options out there for boys! This year we are taking Max up to Chicago to celebrate...

35 (Very Specific) Things I’ve Learned as a Parent

4 minute read

Being a new parent is intense. It is a time where you experience your highest highs and lowest lows, yet inevitably look back at the experience with nothing but the fondest of memories. Over the last few weeks, I came to the somewhat sad realization that Aaron and I aren’t...

Favorite books for a toddler

3 minute read

It has been so fun watching Max discover books. When there is a particular one he wants us to read he comes running over, waving the book in the air and sits on our lap. Even if we are standing, he still backs his little bottom up against us and...

The Bugs We Live With - And a Look at My Gut Microbiome

4 minute read

I’m a scientist involved in the human microbiome project, which studies how changes in the normal bacteria present on our bodies affect human disease. Today’s post is an overview of the human microbiome and a personal look at the bacteria in my gut.